Monday, February 24, 2014

Why should north listen to south?

Question :
Why should North Indians and media listen to Tamils?

Answer: 1) Long before the so called 1857 Sepoy Mutiny, the Polygars and Kings of Tamil land fought against the East India Company. Southerners, particularly Tamils initiated the freedom struggle then the rest of Indian sub continent followed it much later which lead to the notion of India.
2) When the Central Government of India tried to IMPOSE Hindi to all Indian citizens, it was the Tamils who raised their voice against the IMPOSITION. Once Tamils started as usual, rest of Indian Republic followed and the HINDIANS finally withdrew the idea and India's sovereignty was saved
3) Tamils voices are louder for Reservation Social justice. They demanded their rights then Indian citizens realised the importance of Social justice.  Country had V.P.Singh to implement Mandal recommendations , first people who supported it were Tamils. If at all Social justice prevails in India, it is solely because of the struggle initiated by Tamils even before the independence lead by Periyar.
4) When North India was burning in riots, Tamilnadu remained silent. Be it  Calcutta riots that happened before independence or be it partition riots, be it the Babri Masjid riot initiated by Hindu fanatics, there were NO notable incidents here in Tamilnadu. As far as religious harmony is concerned, Tamilnadu still remains a wonderful example to all of India. Tamils knew the secret of how to preserve 'Bhaiya-Bhaiya' relationship between various religions.
5)Indian Tamils constantly insisted the center to support Tamils in Srilankan civil war since its very beginning. But Rajeev did exactly the opposite and his decision on Srilanka was a complete fiasco. Adding to the failure of IPKF, now Srilanka is under china's occupancy, which is a REAL AND PRESENT DANGER to INDIA. If only India had ears for what Tamils had to say, Ealam, nation of Ealam Tamils would have been India's Loyal base against the Chinese forces in Srilanka.
Conclusion :- Thus rebellious voices from Tamils always have great benefits for the Indian Republic-----------

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