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Tamil New Year. The contraversy ends here.

When should you,me and us celebrate Tamil New Year? Or when must you, me or us wish a tamil for a tamil new year? January 14th (Tamil month 'thai' 1st) or April 14th (Tamil month Chithirai 1st)? Here is the answer for both when and why? Before seeing this, we gotta peep briefly into the history, through some religious literature.

According to the 60 years cyclic calendar, which says chithirai 1st is the start of a new year, of Salivaahana, an aryan who ruled in the north of India and obviously not a tamil, the cycle starts with 'BARAVA' as the first year and ends with 'ATCHAYA' as the last year. Then, the cycle rotates again. This calendar, was installed in north india by salivahana in the year 78 A.D. Not a single year off the 60 different years in this salivahana's cycle has a TAMIL NAME. NOTHING IS TAMIL. Then how come these years are tamil years? And how come a tamil year would start on chithirai 1st or April 14th according to salivahana's calendar?

It is very usual for a race to spread its religion, culture, religious rites, stories or puranas and in this case it was everything along with the salivahana's calendar . After the aryan invasion into both the cultural and dynastic arenas of south india, the calendar they invented came into existense overthrowing the previously used Tamil Calendar about which we are going to see. Before that its very much essential to see the story behind Salivahana's calendar. As stated in an ancient, religious book Abithana Chinthamani (page 1392), Once Naratha went to Lord krishna, who was involved with his 60000 women, asked "Lord. Why wouldnt you give me a woman while you've got 60000 women for yourself?" The Lord answered "Dear Naratha. Go to those 60000 women and pick one who doesnt love me." Naratha went , but he couldnt find even a single woman who doesnt love Krishna. So he came back and told krishna "Lord am amazed to see the love that women have for you. Now i wish to be your woman and experience it." Krishna accepted his proposal and asked him to bath in Yamuna, after which Naratha turned into a beautiful woman. Then they both lived together for 60 years and had 60 sons. ROP 1 per year i.e Rate of Reproduction is 1 child per year. These 60 sons are the 60 years in salivahana's cyclic calendar of 60 years!!'..
It was very romanatic!! Ain't it? So this is the story behind salivahana's calendar.

Now lets see how the very ancient Tamil calendar was formed. Tamils, as stated by western reasearch scholar Slater, had their own unique way of astronomical science. Based on this they had their own calendar contingent upon the monthly climatic conditions.

The six climatic conditions and the respective months are as follows,

1)'Ilavenil' (Pre-Sun)- From Thai to Maasi

2)'Mudhuvenil'(Summer)- From Panguni-chithirai

3)'Kaar'(Rainy Season)- From Vaigaasi to Aani.

4)'Kudhir'(Autumn)- From Aadi to Aavani.

5)'Munpani'(Pre-Winter)- From Purattasi to Aipasi.

6) 'Pinpani'(Winter)- From Kaarthigai to Maargazhi.

If we take into acount, the different Races that exist in the world, they all celebrate the Pre-Summer season as their new year, since it is when the agricultural yieldings cherish. But why did tamils changed in it? It happened just in the middle when the aryans invaded. Note: The aryans never indulged in Agriculture. Their proffession was cattle rearing. So obviously there was no need for them to celebrate agriculture!

Even the japanese celebrate new year and a festival like our pongal for their agricultural yieldings in the month of january. Theri tradition of worshipping nature coincides with that of tamils. Not only japanese, but every race that has a pre-ancient civilisation does it.

Its our duty to roll things back and save our traditional, SCEINTIFIC calendar that does not depend on any obscene or off the record stories as that of the Aryans. So lets celebrate Tamil New Year on every Thai 1st i.e january 15th. If you find anything contradictory to this post, feel free to discuss.

To read thsi post in Tamil click here 'தமிழ்ப் புத்தாண்டு எப்போது?'

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Naga C said...

After reading your blog I just checked few other places. I suppose u would agree Manimekalai author Seethalai sathanar is a tamil. He has mentioned in Manimekalai as Vaikasi is in Ilavenil.

And the controversy doesn't end here as you have written. lol

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